Narrated Slideshow

A narrated slideshow is a video including audio recordings synchronized to images. While many people want to start shooting and creating full-motion video on a smartphone or tablet, it’s generally easier to create higher quality and thoughtful videos by using apps which create narrated slideshows. Narrated slideshows can be created during Sunday School or Wednesday night classes, on mission trips, or at any other time using still images and audio recordings which give an explanation and more details about each picture.


This is a very basic narrated slideshow I helped a class of 4th grade students in Sunday School create in March 2014. This was shared on the “BLASTcast Podcast” website I started back around 2007 using WordPress.com. We used the free iPhone app ShadowPuppet (also available as ShadowPuppetEDU) to create this narrated slideshow.

Back in 2011, after our middle daughter attended a Christian summer event called “SuperStart” designed for pre-teens, she created a 3 minute narrated slideshow with a friend on the car ride home. It was created using the app SonicPics on an iPhone. This was also posted to the BLASTcast website.

The 2.5 minute video, “Kids Touched by God in Kenya by Kelly Ewing,” is an example of a narrated slideshow created after a church mission trip to Africa. This was created on an iPad using the app, “Explain Everything.”

More resources about creating narrated slideshows are available on ShowWithMedia.com.

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